UBS Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

UBS Graduate Scheme Key Information


3 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PP




Over 64,000 employees in 50 countries worldwide, turnover of USD $47.259 billion in 2010.

Grad Salary

From £30,000 - £38,000

Pros and Cons


Responsibility given early on.

Excellent opportunities for career progression.

Pay and benefits are healthy along with work/life balance.


Often suffers from poor, overly corporate internal communication.

UBS Graduate Scheme Overview

To be considered for a role at UBS, you don’t need to have a business or financially related degree.  UBS are looking for top notch candidates, and will strongly test a number of their core competencies which they see as crucial in being successful in the banking industry.

UBS happily employ graduates into various roles, meaning if leadership isn’t your game you’re still in with a shout.  UBS’ focus is on team players who are adaptable to changing conditions and are able to analyse and act quickly.

UBS’ graduate schemes typically last between 18 and 24 months, with the first eight weeks generally consisting of intense classroom study in either London or New York.  Completing the UBS graduate programme opens up a whole world of opportunities, with international relocation encouraged for high calibre employees.

UBS Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Sell your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses. The first round of interviews is generally competency based, so you’ll need plenty of examples and evidence of these in action. It’s always a good idea to acknowledge what you could have done better and learned from certain situations.

Recognise when to lead. At a later stage of the selection process, you will be placed with up to eight other candidates to present a business case. Choosing your moments in these arenas can be critical, remain assured and confident without seeming too imposing.

UBS Overview

UBS are a Swiss based investment banking and financial services company. UBS serve an international client portfolio in asset management, wealth management and investment banking. UBS seek to keep their business as simple as possible, building a strong and sustainable organisation which is able to deliver high quality services and results to its vast client base.

UBS invest strongly in social and economic initiatives in numerous territories around the world, while focussing primarily on Switzerland.

In other areas, UBS are a global sponsor of major sporting events, as well as being a significant contributor to various cultural amenities throughout Switzerland.

UBS Locations

UBS’ global headquarters are situated in Zurich & Basel, Switzerland.

The firm’s United Kingdom offices are situated in London. Globally, UBS have a significant international reach, with offices in major financial centres including New York City and Singapore.

UBS Future Salaries

Significant sums of money can be earned working at UBS, however the promotion structure is somewhat shrouded and can sometimes become lost in corporate matters.

Example salaries at UBS include;

- Business Analyst £60,000 - £90,000
- Associate Director £70,000 - £90,000
- Director £90,000 - £110,000
- Executive Director £110,000 - £130,000