The Guardian Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

The Guardian Graduate Scheme Key Information


King’s Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9GU.




Approximate daily circulation of 216,000 in the United Kingdom. UK’s second most popular online news platform.

Grad Salary

From £25,000 - £30,000.

Pros and Cons


Diverse employee team.

Management very open to flexible working applications.

Friendly and motivational working environment.


Lack of defined structure, salary scales, and career paths.

The Guardian Graduate Scheme Overview

While The Guardian does not operate a graduate scheme in the traditional sense, they do offer a number of pre-entry roles, advertised in Universities and journalism colleges, which are open to graduates only.

Graduates are also able to apply to one of the newspaper’s direct entry positions, either from straight out of education or having previously worked at a local or regional newspaper.

Generally, The Guardian are looking for journalists who are knowledgeable in a wide body of subjects, who appreciate the role newspapers play in the wider society and have a simple, easy to understand style of writing.

The Guardian Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Think globally. Like all quality newspapers, The Guardian takes a global view on even the smallest of issues. Show your ability to translate a local issue to a global scale, The Guardian are looking for great awareness of this.

Discuss why The Guardian. The Guardian is a newspaper constantly made fun of in society for what they stand for. Ensure you know the newspaper’s identity and are prepared to live its values.

The Guardian Overview

The Guardian prides itself on being an impartial and independent editorial and political body, although lean towards the left of the political spectrum in the United Kingdom, which is reflected in its readership. The Guardian, along with its sister paper The Observer, is currently the only daily newspaper printed in “Berliner” format in the UK.

The Guardian is an influential body in art, design, and culture in the UK, sponsoring a number of awards and projects in these areas.

The newspaper is a loud voice when it comes to socio-economic and environmental issues around the world, constantly campaigning to deliver a greener operation and publishing an annual Sustainability Report.

The Guardian Locations

The Guardian’s made headquarters is in London, although they do operate a smaller operation in Manchester.

The newspaper has journalists stationed in various locations around the world, with a substantial presence in New York City.

The Guardian Future Salaries

Progression through The Guardian can be tough due to a distinct lack of structure and clarity regarding career paths in the organisation. Salaries at the newspaper are usually around the industry average.

Example salary bandings at The Guardian include;

- Reporter £38,000 - £42,000
- Managing Editor £62,000 - £72,000