Tesco Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Tesco Graduate Scheme Key Information


Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 9SL




472,000 employees in over 5,000 stores worldwide, turnover of £60.93 billion in 2011.

Grad Salary

From £23,000 - £25,000.

Pros and Cons


Global employment opportunities.

Excellent on-going training and development programmes.

Flexible working hours available depending on department and location.


Bureaucracy can negatively influence business initiatives.

Tesco Graduate Scheme Overview

Tesco offer 20 different graduate training schemes in many locations across the globe, whether you are looking for a role in finance, planning or in retail stores.  Specific qualification requirements depend on which sector you are applying to, although a high-class record of academic achievement is a must.

Graduate schemes at Tesco either last one or two years depending on the sector you are working in.  During this time, candidates will get a detailed overview of their business sector at a local level, before potentially looking at a national and international scale.

Tesco Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Bring your influencing skills. Not only will you need to demonstrate a time you influenced a decision, you will also need to influence the recruitment team into making you an offer!

Know the products. Tesco commonly asks, “Which Tesco brand would you be and why?” Although a key opportunity to show off your knowledge, you don’t want to undersell yourself by being the “value” range!

Tesco Overview

Tesco are the largest retailer in the United Kingdom, operating out of five different store formats as well as through their online direct proposition. Tesco’s “Clubcard” scheme is one of the country’s most popular brand loyalty schemes, regularly rewarding customers through discounted fuel prices, as well as many other common purchases, such as school uniform.

The business aims to be the world’s leading retailer through a combination of affordable prices, great value for money and first class customer service. In addition to their business interests, Tesco contribute significant sums of money to local communities where they build stores, with recent donations accounting for the building of libraries, primary schools, and doctor’s surgeries.

Tesco Locations

In addition to their global store portfolio and United Kingdom headquarters, Tesco also have prominent operations based in California, United States, China, India, and Turkey.

Tesco Future Salaries

The highest calibre candidates can ascend to senior positions within the organisation quickly. There are opportunities from an early stage to be considered for international relocation if you are in an office-based sector.

Example salaries at Tesco include;

Store Manager (varies depending on size/location of store) £23,000 - £80,000

Project Manager £38,000 - £53,000

Buying Manager £65,000 - £70,000

IT Architect £75,000 - £80,000