Teach First Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Teach First Graduate Scheme Key Information


4 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AU.




Unknown number of employees, however in 2011 Teach First placed in excess of 750 teachers into roles across the United Kingdom.

Grad Salary

From £17,500 - £22,000.

Pros and Cons


Opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Exploration of a career path you may not have otherwise considered.

Flexibility around where you work and what you can do.


If it doesn’t work out you’ve potentially missed the boat for other graduate opportunities.

Teach First Graduate Scheme Overview

In order to apply to a Teach First scheme, candidates must have achieved at least a 2:1 in a degree which satisfies Teaching subject requirements, in addition to 300 UCAS points at A Level.  Minimum grades of C are also needed in Mathematics and English, as well as Science if you’re looking at primary school teaching.

Successful candidates are placed on a two year Leadership Development Programme, during which time you will attain a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, as well as earning Qualified Teacher Status.  If you decide to leave teaching at the end of the two year course, you will still have your qualifications should you ever decide to return in the longer term.

Teach First Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Show your qualities. Think of your favourite and least favourite teachers from school. What did they do to engage you in the lesson content? You’ll need to dazzle the assessors with your people skills and capacity to engage and inform. If you can’t keep adults awake then what chance youngsters?!

Gather your questions. It is a fairly short recruitment process, consisting only of an online application and assessment day, so make sure any queries you may have get answered as early as possible, you might not get another chance!

Teach First Overview

Teach First are an independent charity aimed at ensuring every child receives a high class education throughout the United Kingdom. By primarily targeting graduates who had not yet considered a teaching career, Teach First places individuals in “challenging” schools across the country.

Teach First has multiple benefits as an organisation. The primary benefit is that of enhancing the educational opportunities which young people are afforded, usually in deprived areas of the country. Teach First also plays a key role in terms of the graduates it places, who may otherwise have been out of work. While some graduates inevitably return to an alternative career, Teach First have to date been very successful in training and retaining new teachers in the UK.

Teach First Locations

Teach First operate out of six regional offices across the United Kingdom. In addition to London, they are situated in Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Leeds.

Teach First Future Salaries

Upon completion of the two year programme, candidates can choose to either leave the profession or establish themselves into a full time position. From this point, the world is at the feet of candidates who choose to continue teaching.

Progression through teaching into more senior roles is notoriously difficult to review as it often depends on the policies of local education authorities and councils.

Top quality teachers are generously rewarded financially however, and most authorities offer advanced development for those who wish to move onto more senior leadership roles within schools.