Santander Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Santander Graduate Scheme Key Information


2 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3HG




Over 178,000 as part of the worldwide group, approximately 20,000 in the United Kingdom arm. Group turnover of €42.05 billion in 2010.

Grad Salary

From £30,000 - £35,000

Pros and Cons


Excellent job flexibility and career prospects.

Well run business with clearly defined goals and objectives.

Continuous and sustainable growth strategies in place across the company.


Bosses can sometimes stick to the status-quo too much, reluctant to try new methods.

Santander Graduate Scheme Overview

With at least ten graduate schemes from which to choose, there are plenty of options for candidates looking to pursue a career at Santander.  The banking giant looks for candidates to have a 2:1 in a financial, business or mathematical subject.  Applications from other areas, such as engineering, will be considered as long as the course had high levels of numerical content and work.  In addition, Santander also likes candidates to be highly computer literate and skilled at using MS Office programs.


Most of Santander’s graduate programmes last a duration of two years, starting at a location local to you before moving onto a national and potentially international platform.

Santander Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Be comfortable prioritising. Although not usually included in a test, a lot of the interview questions will consist of a “how would you prioritise” element. Questions around how you would deal with employee redundancies or announcing financial losses could potentially be included.

Remain unflustered. Santander will push you to your limits so it’s important to be on your toes at all times. One slip or unconsidered sentence could land your application in the “Regret” pile.

Santander Overview

Santander are the largest bank in the Eurozone, with wider operations based in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. Santander base their business around four areas of strategic vision, primarily focussing on high level customer services as well as creating value for their globalised corporate client base.

Santander takes pride in their position within a diverse market, dedicating services to both established and developing economies around the world.

Leadership, strength and dynamism are three of the key attributes which Santander values most highly across its business. The group believes that following these will deliver high quality results across their organisation.

Santander Locations

Santander’s global headquarters are situated in Madrid, Spain.

The organisation’s United Kingdom base is situated in North London, with other UK offices in Leeds.

With a global reach, Santander’s Spanish origins make Latin America one of their strongest and most prominent markets, with operations in most major cities of South America.

Santander Future Salaries

Progression through the ranks and Santander can be quick, however it’s advisable to take advantage early as opportunities become more limited the longer you’re at the firm. A lot of the decision making processes take place at the global headquarters in Spain, so getting noticed in the UK can be difficult at times.

Example salaries at Santander include;

- Project Manager £39,000 - £42,000
- Finance Professional £43,000 - £68,000
- Director £81,000 - £88,000