RBS Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

RBS Graduate Scheme Key Information


36 Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2YB




Approximately 150,000 employees worldwide, turnover of £28.937 billion in 2011.

Grad Salary

From £36,000 - £46,000

Pros and Cons


Flexible working arrangements and general promotion of a healthy work/life balance.

Excellent training opportunities throughout the business.

Friendly and supportive working environment.


Certain divisions work exceptionally long hours owing to a lack of direction from senior management.

RBS Graduate Scheme Overview

In the United Kingdom alone, RBS offers more than 20 graduate programmes for candidates to choose from.  Although there is plenty of choice, there are also plenty of applicants for each position, so only the highest calibre candidates will make it to a job offer stage, around 700 candidates being taken on across the business each year.

Graduate schemes with RBS last two or three years depending on the sector, during which time you’ll learn all there is to know and become an expert in your field.  After this, there are continuing training and development opportunities throughout your career with RBS.

RBS Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Know what you want. One of the early stages of the selection process is an intense telephone interview, which will focus solely on you, your motivation and achievements. Make sure you can balance your personal feelings with practical results.

Learn to speed read! Part of the assessment day consists of reading a lengthy case study, in 25 minutes! You then have to present a 10 minute feedback session before being subjected to questions. If you didn’t learn how to speed read at university, it may be worth doing so now!

RBS Overview

RBS is a British based bank, which was bailed out by the United Kingdom government at the height of the global financial crisis. The UK government still owns 84% of RBS, however the organisation is in a much healthier financial position today and is consistently earning revenues around the £30 billion mark.

RBS have taken substantial steps in building for a consistent and sustainable future in recent years. The business put both the individual customer as well as corporate clients at the heart of all they do in order to provide sustained growth across all sectors of the group.

RBS Locations

RBS are headquartered in the UK in Edinburgh, while the umbrella group encompasses a number of well-known banking institutions, including NatWest, Ulster Bank and Coutts.

Globally, RBS have a prominent presence in the United States, along with other international offices in, among others, Australia and China.

RBS Future Salaries

While salaries are generally healthy throughout the group, a lack of communication from senior management levels can have a direct impact on future career progression.

There are a number of training and development opportunities available to RBS employees, to prepare them for their next career step.

Example salaries at RBS include;

- Associate £48,000 - £78,000
- Senior Project Manager £69,000 - £83,000
- Vice President £107,000 - £115,000