PwC Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

PwC Graduate Scheme Key Information


1 Embankment Place, Villiers Street, London. WC2N 6RH




169,000 employees worldwide, operating out of 771 cities. Turnover of USD $29.2 billion for 2011.

Grad Salary

From £24,000 - £30,000.

Pros and Cons


Excellent training scheme coupled with in-house support.

Diverse offices, with graduates from across the world undergoing similar training schemes, particularly in London.

Relaxed dress code.


Rigid promotion structure sometimes dictated by bureaucracy and office politics.

PwC Graduate Scheme Overview

PwC undertake a lengthy and gruelling recruitment process.  As the biggest player in the accounting game, PwC only want the best possible candidates and their recruitment process is a direct reflection of that.  For each field there is a multi-stage process, with certain aspects, such as timed psychometric tests, included or omitted depending on the discipline.

Depending on the field in which you work, you will graduate from the scheme and fully qualify in three to four years.  There are excellent levels of guidance available from PwC, who put increased focus on their graduate intake throughout the first five years of their career with PwC.

PwC Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Keep your focus during the interview. PwC are known for an interview style which is more casual than perhaps expected, however ensure you remain switched on at all times. Maintaining a professional tone, while leading the conversation, is a great approach to aim for.

Prepare an honest assessment of what you believe the strengths and weaknesses of PwC to be. Most interviewers will come armed with a “what can we do better?” question, so be prepared to put forward a case while also balancing what you perceive to be the positive aspects of the business.

PwC Overview

PwC are the world’s largest professional business services firm, operating in 771 cities across the world. They are a business strongly focussed on delivering commercial expertise through working in partnership with their employees and client portfolio. Their vision is to be the best and industry leading organisation in what they do; they even refer to themselves as a “powerhouse” in their mission statement.

PwC work within a concise code of conduct which dictates the way they work on a daily basis. Striving to work professionally, with integrity and respect, PwC promote teamwork and ethical thinking across all that they do.

PwC Locations

PwC’s main headquarters are situated in London, with the firm extending to over 158 countries across the world.

Prominent international PwC offices include those in Sydney, Shanghai and San Francisco.

In the United Kingdom, PwC operate out of 33 cities in addition to offices on Guernsey and Jersey.

PwC Future Salaries

Career progression frameworks at PwC are very rigid during the first four to five years of employment.

Following this initial training and early work period, employees can expect pay to progress steadily as they attain more senior positions.

Example PwC salary brackets include;

- Consulting Associate £31,000 - £34,000
- Financial Analyst £37,000 - £40,000
- Senior Associate £38,000 - £60,000
- Audit Manager £44,000 - £75,000