Publicis Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Publicis Graduate Scheme Key Information


82 Baker Street, London, W1U 6AE




Over 48,000 employees in more than 200 cities worldwide. Turnover of €5.418 billion in 2010.

Grad Salary

Around £25,000.

Pros and Cons


Lots of freedom and creative licence to come up with new initiatives.

Ambitious individuals throughout the company.

Global network, highly prestigious and great reputation.


Can be very stressful and work/life balance non existent.

Publicis Graduate Scheme Overview

Graduates at Publicis are treated like anything but new employees.  Right from day one, you will be expected to make a telling and positive contribution to the business area in which you work.  Publicis will not oversell you anything, you will be immediately exposed to the hard work, and late nights yet hopefully find the position fun and rewarding.

Just getting into Publicis is a challenge in itself.  After getting successfully through the assessment process, candidates then undertake a two week paid placement, where they are given the opportunity to show off the skills that may ultimately lead to a permanent job offer.

Publicis Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Express yourself from day one. Even the recruitment process at Publicis is creative, you may be asked to send in a video of yourself based on one of their famous ad campaigns. Make the Publicis team want to meet you!

Think of when you have turned a bad situation into a great result. Ideally, this will be work based, Publicis want to know how you have solved a negative situation for the better, be it in terms of customer service, client negotiations, or another relevant example.

Publicis Overview

Publicis are a multinational advertising agency, based in Paris. The organisation advertises through various platforms, understanding the current growth in digital marketing while remaining impactful using traditional methods. Publicis are one of the world leading companies in terms of strategic online marketing and targeting specific customers. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and AOL search engines all support their platform.

The business has a wide-ranging client portfolio, encompassing many different backgrounds and industry areas.

Publicis are the parent group of a large number of subsidiary companies, including in this sector Leo Burnett and BBH.

Publicis Locations

The United Kingdom headquarters of Publicis is situated in London, with the global head office in Paris, France.

The organisation has prominent international offices in New York City, Chicago, Sydney, and Shanghai.

Publicis Future Salaries

Progression can be difficult within Publicis, as the organisation does not have a published career path, limiting knowledge in terms of which training and development courses are most beneficial.

Competition can be intense for open positions; however, there is scope for international relocation, both within Publicis as well as the subsidiary companies within the global network.

Example salaries at Publicis include;

Associate Planning Director £48,000 - £52,000

Art Director £58,000 - £63,000

Marketing Director £85,000 - £100,000

Creative Director £120,000 - £130,000