Ogilvy Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Ogilvy Graduate Scheme Key Information


10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4QB




Approximately 18,000 employees, operating in 450 offices worldwide.

Grad Salary

From £25,000 - £30,000.

Pros and Cons


Great working environment and team spirit.

Excellent learning and development throughout the company.

Benefits package extremely competitive.


Informal environment can sometimes lead to unprofessionalism and lack of focus.

Ogilvy Graduate Scheme Overview

To apply for an Ogilvy graduate placement, candidates do not need to have completed a degree, although having done so will give you a clear advantage throughout the recruitment process.  The business is focussed on recruiting creative, independent thinkers with the ability to influence on a global level.

Depending on the specific graduate scheme you apply to, placements either last two or three years.  During this training period, graduates are sent on six or twelve month placements in order to fully learn the operation of the business.  There is an initial six-week intense training programme at the start of the course, with the main body of training being on the job.

Ogilvy Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Show a strong personality. Ogilvy are looking for strong influencing skills, try and think of a time when you pushed for a decision, and got it, despite initially being in the minority.

Describe your passion for advertising. Ogilvy interviews are usually very competency based, showing your passion and desire to work in the industry through answering their questions will get you in the “offer” pile.

Ogilvy Overview

Ogilvy are an international advertising agency, and part of global marketing group WPP. The business is based on doing everything in a “first class” manner, no matter how small the project they are working on. One of the key components of the work Ogilvy do is their firm belief in brand power. The organisation understands how advertising becomes synonymous with each brand on an individual basis, and develops each campaign within this level of knowledge.

The business believes firmly in the notion of “big ideas.” Whether it is a mission statement, business objective, or client campaign, everything at Ogilvy starts as a big idea.

Ogilvy Locations

In addition to their London headquarters, Ogilvy also have an office situated in Oxford.

The organisation’s global headquarters is situated in Manhattan, New York City.

Globally, the business has 450 offices, with notable locations including Dubai, Beijing, and Rio de Janiero.

Ogilvy Future Salaries

Promotions within Ogilvy are attainable for talented candidates; however, the firm’s finance department often dictates salary increases. This can lead to external candidates being brought in, or roles merged, if that proves cheaper in the long term.

Example salaries at Ogilvy include;

Associate Planning Director £48,000 - £52,000

Art Director £58,000 - £63,000

Marketing Director £85,000 - £100,000