Microsoft Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Microsoft Graduate Scheme Key Information


United Kingdom headquarters is situated at Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1WG.




92,000 employees delivering services worldwide, turnover of USD $69.94 billion in 2011.

Grad Salary

From £26,000.

Pros and Cons


Great people and positive work atmosphere among the teams.

Healthy consideration of work/life balance promoted throughout the organisation.

Continuous opportunities to try out new products and innovations during early development and give feedback.


“Scorecard mentality” prevalent throughout the business, leading to some individuals aiming to deliver a green report card rather than adding value through their contribution.

Microsoft Graduate Scheme Overview

Microsoft hires technology graduates to a wide range of sectors within their business, including consultancy, technical, and managerial roles.  To be considered for a position on a Microsoft graduate scheme, applicants must have attained 320 UCAS points at A Level standard in addition to a minimum 2:1 in a degree discipline relating to computer science or engineering.

New intake graduates experience six months training at Microsoft’s in house university, up to 25 hours of online learning in addition to working with exciting new and existing technologies on a daily basis.  All graduates also receive eight days training at their Redmond base in the United States.

Microsoft Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Work on your presentation skills. Microsoft will ask you to put together some sort of presentation based on a topic they will set for you. Typically, Microsoft expects candidates to put together a 30 minute presentation. Ensure you take the necessary time and care with this, however, as they also set 15-20 minutes aside afterwards to question you on the content of your presentation.

Know their products inside out. The recruitment team at Microsoft will be extra keen to test your knowledge of their products. Whether it’s the latest smartphone, Xbox 360 or Bing search engine, you’ll need to know the strengths and weaknesses of these in comparison to the competition.

Microsoft Overview

Possibly the most famous business on the planet, Microsoft are a global corporation, pioneers in the field of personal computing and a dominant force in their field. Microsoft are highly committed to meeting all of the technological challenges it faces both from its competitors and in the fast changing wider world.

Microsoft operates multiple schemes throughout the world through its “Community Affairs” initiatives, which empower individuals and communities to reach their potential through increasing global access to technology and training.

In addition to annual surveys, Microsoft conduct constant customer feedback programmes and initiatives to keep their product evolving and deliver the best possible user experience across their wide range of products and services.

Microsoft Locations

Microsoft’s main UK headquarters is situated in Reading, Berkshire, with four other offices in various locations around the country.

The international base of Microsoft is based in Redmond, Washington State, United States.

Microsoft serves a global client base, with offices in major cities all around the world.

Microsoft Future Salaries

Career progression and salary increases can depend on your willingness or ability to involve yourself in office politics at Microsoft.

Salaries can be lucrative however promotions are often based on scorecard results rather than innovation and a passion for technology.

Example salary ranges at Microsoft include;

- User Experience Designer £40,000 - £43,000
- Software Development Engineer £45,000 - £54,000
- Architectural Technology Specialist £61,000 - £67,000
- Senior Program Manager £77,000 - £83,000