MI5 Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

MI5 Graduate Scheme Key Information


Thames House, Millbank, London, SW1P 1AE. Mail to PO Box 3255, London, SW1P 1AE.




3,800 employees, operating predominantly in the United Kingdom.

Grad Salary

From £24,750 to £27,750.

Pros and Cons


Exciting, varied work.

High level responsibility.

Opportunity to make a difference for the greater good.


Need for discretion – no chance of going to the pub and telling everyone about your day at work!

MI5 Graduate Scheme Overview

MI5 welcome applications from all degree disciplines, however candidates do require to have achieved at least a 2:1 final result.  To apply for an intelligence analyst role, you are required to have previous experience of data analysis as well as be highly proficient at using analytical tools as well as having the ability to quickly identify and find meaning in data trends.

MI5 operate a culture based on professionalism while remaining friendly and informal.  The organisation understands the pressures of the job and does all it can to ease that load on its employees.  Strong organisational skills and a keen eye for detail are only two of the key attributes that the Security Service will be looking for.

MI5 Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Take the tests. The MI5 website provides some excellent preparation tools prior to applying, so make the most of them now and see if you’ve got what it takes.

Have an example of discretion to hand. MI5 operate under a strict code of discretion, and as such one competency based question will relate to this. Ensure you have a strong example of when you successfully carried out a task discreetly without causing suspicion or alarm.

MI5 Overview

MI5 are the agency tasked with protecting the United Kingdom from national security threats, such as those posed by domestic and international terrorism and espionage. The organisation also briefs a number of high level public and private sector firms of risks to their interests.

MI5 work with a limited budget and resource pool, making it imperative that they perform all of their functions effectively and efficiency, with the minimum output for the best possible result. MI5 and the work they carry out is guided by the British Government’s, particularly the Home Office’s, policies regarding homeland security.

MI5 Locations

MI5’s main headquarters is situated in London, with one known regional office to be in Manchester, and reportedly one in Glasgow.

MI5 also have an international base, but do not disclose its location.

MI5 Future Salaries

High calibre individuals can progress through the ranks of MI5. Although there are no publicly revealed pay structures, following initial training pay scales are thought to broadly follow those of the civil service.

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