McKinsey & Co Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

McKinsey & Co Graduate Scheme Key Information


No 1 Jermyn Street, London. SW1Y 4UH.




17,000 employees worldwide, with 100 offices in 45 countries. Estimated turnover of USD $6.6 billion in 2009.

Grad Salary

Circa £33,000.

Pros and Cons


Excellent name recognition for your CV and future career.

Very good training programmes with opportunities to transfer abroad.

Lots of working with Executive level colleagues from an early stage in your career.


Little transparency in house with regards promotion opportunities and salary increases.

McKinsey & Co Graduate Scheme Overview

McKinsey & Company are very selective during their recruitment process, with a 2:1 degree a minimum requirement along with compulsory A Level results of AAB.

Most graduate candidates who apply to McKinsey & Company will initially be applying for a business analyst role; however the firm have a strict policy of only hiring those with leadership potential.  If you have no desire to reach upper level management then McKinsey & Company are likely not a good match for you.

The McKinsey & Company graduate training scheme typically involves five weeks of formal training.  This training period is within your first two years with the business, which is seen as a time for you to learn quickly on the job before progressing to more senior positions within McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey & Co Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Ensure you have a thick skin. McKinsey & Company’s recruiting team will give detailed constructive feedback at each stage of the recruitment process. Even if you’ve been successful you may hear things you find difficult. Make sure you can take it on board, learn from it and develop moving forward.

Grasp the nettle and show what you can do. McKinsey & Company highly value individuals with a strong desire to make a positive impact, who are willing to take responsibility and lead a team of people. Be sure to show off your leadership skills during group assessments, if you can get a group of fellow candidates to follow you then a job offer may well be forthcoming.

McKinsey & Co Overview

McKinsey & Company are a global consulting firm, which focuses primarily on problem resolution at senior management levels. It is this approach to business and their strong desire for candidates with high level leadership skills which has seen them produce more CEO’s than any other business.

McKinsey & Company is a hot bed of intense competition at all levels, however this manifests itself in an “up or out” promotion policy, which can see a high turnover of staff. On average, employees will work for McKinsey & Company for two and a half years.

McKinsey & Company base their entire success and business model on being a network of leaders, able to assist any organisation in achieving continuous high level results.

McKinsey & Co Locations

McKinsey & Company have 98 offices situated around the world, housing 17,000 employees, 9,000 of which are consultants.

In the United Kingdom, McKinsey & Company’s only office is situated in London, although they do have offices in Dublin, Ireland and throughout mainland Europe.

McKinsey & Co Future Salaries

There are promotion opportunities at McKinsey & Company following graduates’ initial two year stint. Competition for promotion opportunities can be intense however, which for some can lead to working exceptionally long hours in order to try and earn a step up the career ladder.

McKinsey & Company employees typically have short spells in their roles, due to the prevailing “up or out” policy in which it operates.

Typical salaries at McKinsey & Company are;

- Business Analyst £41,000 - £46,000
- Research Analyst £41,000 - £45,000
- Associate £70,000 - £86,000