KPMG Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

KPMG Graduate Scheme Key Information


15 Canada Square, London. E14 5GL




145,000 employees worldwide. Turnover of USD $22.7 billion for 2011.

Grad Salary

From £17,000 - £31,000

Pros and Cons


Excellent career progression opportunities.

Responsibility is given early on, ample opportunities to prove your capabilities.

Open door policy in effect across the company, with Senior Managers, Partners and Directors always available and approachable.


Cut backs on training available following graduation from initial scheme.

KPMG Graduate Scheme Overview

As with other accounting firms, a 2:1 degree is required however there is no bias with regards your degree subject or at which University it was attained.

KPMG undertake a multi-stage recruitment process which includes an e-tray exercise, two stage interview and assessment day following which successful candidates will be offered a position.

KPMG graduate schemes run for between three and five years, depending on your sector focus and the discipline to which you have applied.

KPMG Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Know your stuff about KPMG. They would much rather be presented with a candidate who has researched their business and has clear reasons why they want to work at the firm, particularly in favour of the other “Big Four” companies, rather than someone who knows everything about finance.

KPMG’s interviews are very competency based, so ensure you’re prepared with several examples of teamwork, problem solving, and dealing with unexpected situations.

KPMG Overview

KPMG are a globally renowned organisation throughout the business services sector. Their United Kingdom operation employs over 10,000 people across 22 offices across the country. KPMG base their business on responding quickly to client needs and being able to match their employees’ ability and insights to their strategic goals.

In addition to their business portfolio, KPMG strongly promote the health and wellbeing of their employees. As well as personal health, the firm also promotes strong environmental policies and actively encourages initiatives such as car sharing and reduced air travel where possible.

KPMG Locations

KPMG’s main headquarters are in Amstelveen, Holland. Across the globe, KPMG employ over 145,000 people in 153 countries.

KPMG have a diverse range of international offices worldwide, with locations ranging from New York and Los Angeles to Kabul and Ulan Baataar.

In the UK, KPMG have 22 offices, from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland to Plymouth in the south of England.

KPMG Future Salaries

Career progression with KPMG can be early and swift, both to positions nationally or in prominent offices around the world.

Typical example salary brackets for KPMG are;

- Audit Associate £28,000 - £48,000
- Tax Manager £35,000 - £65,000
- Project Manager £48,000 - £52,000
- Executive Advisor £65,000 - £95,000