Goldman Sachs Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Goldman Sachs Graduate Scheme Key Information


Peterborough Court, 133 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2BB




Over 33,000 employees in 62 worldwide, with turnover of USD $28.81 billion for 2011.

Grad Salary

From £35,000 - £40,000

Pros and Cons


A great all round organisation to work for, first class training and some of the most prestigious clients in the world paying high sums of money.

Excellent opportunities for career progression from an early stage.

Working alongside, and learning from, some of the very sharpest brains on the planet.


Pressure always on to deliver high performance, internal competition is fierce.

Goldman Sachs Graduate Scheme Overview

Goldman Sachs are well known throughout the world for only recruiting the very best candidates from the top Universities.  Thankfully, the business is flexible with regards to your degree subject.  As long as a candidate has a keen interest and knowledge of financial markets, you can have studied Renaissance Art.  If you’re a high potential candidate, it doesn’t matter.

The organisation offers a number of placement programs, depending on your level of study and academic achievements.  They’re also looking for between two and five years of work experience.

For their graduate schemes, Goldman Sachs place no specific time frames in terms of training, as candidates will be learning on the job pretty much from the word go.  The hours will be long however, with 12 – 14 hour days being the norm if you’re looking to establish yourself in the business.

Goldman Sachs Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Know your weaknesses. While not wanting to do yourself out of a job offer, Goldman Sachs will look for your self-awareness of weaknesses, and which skills you need to work on in order to make you as effective as possible within the business.

Relate your work experience to the job you’ve applied for. You may not have worked in a financial institution, but chances are you’ll have been involved in decision making, teamwork and resolving conflict.

Goldman Sachs Overview

Goldman Sachs are one of the world’s leading banking organisations. The organisation provides first class services across many financial platforms, to a wide range of clients. Goldman Sachs’ portfolio includes leading corporations, governments and individual clients.

The business prides itself on the level of training and support they provide throughout an employee’s time with the firm. Focussing on individual development to reach maximum potential, Goldman Sachs place significant investment in this area.

Goldman Sachs have a number of social and environmental initiatives in place around the world, including their “10,000 Women” programme, aimed at assisting female entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets worldwide.

Goldman Sachs Locations

Goldman Sachs main headquarters is at 200 West Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City, U.S.

Their European operations are headquartered out of London, where they have a total of four office complexes which house over 5,000 employees.

In addition, Goldman Sachs also have offices in close proximity in Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris.

Goldman Sachs Future Salaries

Highest calibre graduate intakes will have the opportunity to progress through the business from an early stage in their career, but you’ll certainly be putting in the hours to earn it!

Salaries at Goldman Sachs are typically in line with those throughout the industry.

Example salary brackets at Goldman Sachs include;

- Analyst £40,000 - £63,000
- Associate £48,000 - £79,000
- Executive Director £70,000 - £105,000
- Vice President £75,000 - £165,000