Ernst & Young Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Ernst & Young Graduate Scheme Key Information


Becket House, 1 Lambeth Palace Road, London. SE1 7EU




152,000 employees in over 140 countries. Turnover of USD $22.9 billion in 2011.

Grad Salary

From £19,000 to £24,000

Pros and Cons


Global reputation of organisation leads to opportunities throughout corporate finance sectors.

Flexible working hours including work from home possibilities.

Relaxed and liberal atmosphere encouraged within Ernst & Young offices.


Career progression can be thwarted by office politics.

Ernst & Young Graduate Scheme Overview

Ernst & Young put their candidates through a lengthy application process in order to be sure they’re employing the right people.  “Quality In Everything We Do” is the Ernst & Young motto, and their recruitment process reflects this.

The Ernst & Young application process varies slightly depending on the specific area you are applying to; however all will typically encompass psychometric tests, a two stage interview and a day at an assessment centre.

Successful candidates will be offered a place on an Ernst & Young graduate scheme, which last three or four years depending on the area you have applied to.  To allow potential candidates to gain experience, Ernst & Young off three separate work placement programmes throughout the year.  In addition to two week and six week long internships over the Easter and Summer periods, 12 month placements are also available to those currently studying.

Ernst & Young Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Be ready to answer a lot of questions in a short space of time. Ernst & Young’s recruitment team don’t mess about, you’ll be asked several testing questions in quick succession. Keep answers concise, effective and top line.

Think about a business you admire and do some background research into their performance. Ernst & Young will explore your reasons thoroughly and you’ll need to be more expansive than “because they make loads of money”.

Ernst & Young Overview

Ernst & Young employ over 152,000 people in 140 countries across the world, delivering solution focussed teams to business projects in a wide range of industries. Ernst & Young have a diverse workforce and pride themselves on the variety and wide range of ideas and attitudes this brings to their workforce.

Ernst & Young are a very open company and encourage feedback and ideas from their employees at all levels. At Ernst & Young there is a strong culture of taking responsibility through developing knowledge, courage and the desire to succeed in everything they do.

Ernst & Young Locations

Ernst & Young’s primary headquarters is based in London, with additional offices in 140 countries.

Prominent international Ernst & Young offices include those in Detroit, Toronto and Melbourne.

Ernst & Young operate out of 19 cities in the United Kingdom, with Glasgow and London both incorporating two offices.

Ernst & Young Future Salaries

Although Ernst & Young offer an attractive starting salary, these begin to level out as candidates become more qualified. Ernst & Young typically offer lower salaries than the other “Big Four” accountancy businesses.

Office politics can significantly impact on progression opportunities at Ernst & Young, so there are no guide timeframes for when the below salaries could be attained.

- Consultant/Senior Consultant £32,000 - £62,000
- Consultancy Manager £57,000 - £74,000
- Tax Manager £55,000 - £89,000
- Senior Audit Manager £84,000 - £117,000