Deloitte Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Deloitte Graduate Scheme Key Information


2-3 New Street Square, London. EC4A 3BZ




182,000 employees working in 150 countries. Turnover of USD $28.8 billion in 2011.

Grad Salary

From £24,000 - £28,000 per annum

Pros and Cons


Plenty of opportunities for promotion at early stages of your Deloitte career.

Lots of team based work with rapport and network building greatly encouraged.

Lots of job based benefits, such as interest free loan, living allowance, and they even pay for dinner and a taxi if you’re working late!


Senior Managers, Directors and Partners tend to be very busy and inaccessible.

Deloitte Graduate Scheme Overview

Deloitte require all candidates to their Graduate Schemes to have attained a degree of 2:1 or higher.  In addition to this all candidates must have attained between 260 – 320 UCAS points depending on the specific position they are applying to.

Deloitte also have certain specifications for different roles.  Some require candidates to have attained an A result in A Level Mathematics in addition to their degree.  Other roles require a degree in Mathematics or another specialised field in order for an application to be considered.

Deloitte recruit through a five stage interview process which includes online testing, visiting a Deloitte office to take part in a virtual e-mail management task, all before a two stage interview process.  For consultancy roles, this will also involve a group exercise and case study.

Graduate schemes at Deloitte vary in length, but are typically between three and five years long.

Deloitte Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Be clear on both your academic and employment history. Deloitte will explore this at an early stage of the recruitment process, usually during a short telephone interview. Ensure you are clear regarding everything you have written in your application. Positive reasons for leaving past employment posts are a must, as well as being able to explain any gaps in your academic or work history.

Prepare for questions such as “How did you tackle the biggest obstacle you ever had to face?” and ensure you answer professionally. “I just dealt with it” isn’t going to cut it at this stage, talk about analysing the problem, assessing what could be done and ultimately the outcome.

Deloitte Overview

Deloitte are the world’s second largest professional services network, with over 182,000 employees operating out of 150 countries. Deloitte aims to combine insight and innovation across their disciplines to deliver first class services to business and industry partners across the world.

Deloitte pride themselves on continuous evolution of their business practices and their people. They value innovation in thinking, independent insight and continuously strive to deliver the very best for both their employees and their international portfolio of clients.

Deloitte Locations

Deloitte’s main headquarters is at Paramount Plaza, New York City.

They operate 27 offices across the United Kingdom, including on the islands of Guernsey & Jersey, as well as in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and five London offices.

Deloitte Future Salaries

There are early opportunities for career progression within Deloitte, with typical salaries ranging depending on candidates’ ability and experience. As you can see, there are large variances between lower and upper boundaries in each sector.

Some examples of Deloitte’s pay scales are listed below;

- Tax Manager £36,000 - £63,000
- Audit Manager £41,000 - £64,000
- Advisory Manager £60,000 - £70,000