Credit Suisse Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Credit Suisse Graduate Scheme Key Information


1 Cabot Square, London, E14 4QJ




Over 50,000 employees globally, maintaining operations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Turnover of CHF (Swiss Francs) 31.39 billion in 2010.

Grad Salary

From £30,000 right up to the high £40,000’s bracket

Pros and Cons


Known in the industry for being leaders in training and on-going support.

Very diverse business and a solid track record of promoting women to senior roles.

Lots of added benefits and excellent office and on site facilities.


Lack of transparency from senior management downwards, particularly in regard to salaries and career progression.

Credit Suisse Graduate Scheme Overview

Credit Suisse seek a balance of personality and expertise to fit their roles; if you’ve got this then you’re definitely in with a shout.  The business are looking for a unique blend of those with dynamic leadership talent, the desire and ability to thrive in a results-focused environment and the ability to think quick and act quicker.

There are a lot of interviews, sometimes up to ten, to undertake throughout the Credit Suisse recruitment process, so they can be sure you’re worth the investment should you ultimately be successful.

Credit Suisse graduate schemes typically last between 12 and 18 months, depending on each individual’s performance as well as the department they’re working in.

Credit Suisse Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Be a good all-rounder. There can be a temptation in such a lengthy interview process to say “I’m not strong in this area, I’ll compensate with a great performance in this one”. That won’t work at Credit Suisse. Each candidate is discussed in detail by a selection panel, so one bad interview out of ten could be your undoing.

Have positive reasons for everything. Whether it’s your reasons for leaving a job, why you want to work in banking or even why you chose one University over another, Credit Suisse are looking for clear reasoning at all times. It’s not just psychometric tests that can reveal your thought patterns and soft skills!

Credit Suisse Overview

Credit Suisse have operations in more than 50 countries worldwide. The business is best known throughout the industry for their private banking operations, which is one of the largest in the world.

The business is continuously looking to evolve and ensure they remain relevant in the eyes of their customers and the wider world. As a Swiss based business, they have made clever marketing moves in recent years by choosing to sponsor both the Swiss national football team as well as tennis icon Roger Federer.

Credit Suisse Locations

Credit Suisse have their main headquarters situated in Zurich, Switzerland, and have a prominent international presence in major financial centres.

In the United Kingdom they are based in Cabot Square, part of London’s financial district.

Credit Suisse Future Salaries

Credit Suisse pay above the average for most roles within the banking sector. The business does suffer from an internal love of bureaucracy and red tape however, with communication from senior managers throughout the business not the best.

This can subsequently manifest itself as office politics and a lack of transparency when it comes to career progression.

Salary bands at Credit Suisse include;

- Project Manager £53,000 - £70,000
- Investment Banking Associate £58,000 - £65,000
- Vice President (Risk) £75,000 - £85,000