Civil Service Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Civil Service Graduate Scheme Key Information


Various locations throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide.




Approximately 500,000 civil services are employed by the UK Government.

Grad Salary

From £25,000 - £27,000.

Pros and Cons


High levels of responsibility given early on.

Flexible working hours and excellent benefits package.

Feel good factor of making a difference to individuals and communities.


Bureaucracy and politicking often gets in the way of the wider cause.

Civil Service Graduate Scheme Overview

The Civil Service accepts graduate applications from candidates who are currently completing, or have completed, their studies as well as those who hold a degree, work in another industry but are looking for a career change.

A number of governmental departments, such as the Ministry of Defence, Treasury and Highways Agency, operate their own independent graduate schemes.  It’s always worth giving their websites a look as their opportunities won’t always be listed with the other Civil Service positions.

There are a number of positions across a wide variety of departments available, making the Civil Service an exciting and rewarding career choice.

Civil Service Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Stick to the rules! A key part of a case study exercise will look at how you work within given parameters. Although there is some room for creativity within the job, they’re looking for how you deal with strict guidelines with no room for movement.

Have positive reasons for wanting to work there. A relatively simple one, yet still large numbers of people attend Civil Service interviews giving benefits as their reason for wanting a job. Passion and desire to make a difference should genuinely be your reasons, if not you’re in the wrong place.

Civil Service Overview

The role of the Civil Service is to implement Government policy decisions and initiatives across the country. Although doing the work of the Government, Civil Servants are actually employees of the Crown rather than Parliament. Senior civil servants can, however, be called to account in parliament for the performance and actions of their offices.

Although working directly for the sitting Government of the United Kingdom, the Civil Service is a politically neutral entity. The Civil Service is separate from other public services, such as the police force.

Civil Service Locations

The Civil Service are based across the country, with offices in most major towns and cities in the United Kingdom in the form of Civic Centres or other Government buildings.

Civil Service Future Salaries

Although there is continuing uncertainty surrounding civil service roles, progression is available to high performing individuals.

There is currently a pay freeze in effect for civil servants; however example salaries are listed below;
- Staff Officer £26,000 - £28,000
- Policy Advisor £26,000 - £48,000
- Civil Servant £29,000 - £48,000
- Data Architect £45,000 - £49,000