BNP Paribas Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

BNP Paribas Graduate Scheme Key Information


10 Harewood Avenue, London, NW1 6AA




Over 200,000 employees across the world, with approximately 8,000 in the United Kingdom. Turnover of €43.88 billion in 2010.

Grad Salary

From £34,000 - £39,000

Pros and Cons


Strong and economically stable brand, continually growing their product offering.

Excellent management at all levels giving lots of business direction.

Work/life balance more of a focus than other organisations in the industry.


Salary tends not to be as high as competitors’.

BNP Paribas Graduate Scheme Overview

Competition for places on a BNP Paribas graduate scheme is among the fiercest for any business in the world, in any industry.  On an annual basis, only 300 places are opened worldwide, meaning you will truly need to be the best of the best if you’re going to earn the opportunity to join this industry giant.

With such a small number of openings, naturally BNP Paribas are extremely choosy during their selection process.  Their recruitment advisors are looking for only the very highest of academic results, with degrees in maths, economics, business, science or engineering preferred.  Quick thinking, innovative analysis and top notch people skills are also highly sought after by BNP Paribas.

BNP Paribas hire candidates directly into full time roles, rather than onto a bona-fide graduate scheme.  This can be especially exciting for new employees, as they are thrown straight into the business, armed with responsibility and given the opportunity to learn on the job.

BNP Paribas Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Tailor yourself perfectly. BNP Paribas can afford to say “no” to a lot of people, so make sure you stand out by being the perfect fit for the role you’ve applied for. Specialist rather than generalist is definitely the way forward with BNP Paribas, so if you’re looking to move into a Corporate Investment role make sure your application, and everything you discuss throughout the process, paints you as a perfect fit for such a role.

Know what’s coming. Visit the BNP Paribas website, where they list the competencies they will question in the interview thus enabling you to prepare relevant answers and evidence. Keep it real though, “courage” can be displayed in many ways, you don’t need to have rescued anyone from a flood or anything like that!

BNP Paribas Overview

BNP Paribas are a global banking group, who in October 2010 were ranked by Forbes as the largest company in the world. Although they have lost this mantle in 2011, they are still by some distance the world’s largest banking group.

The business are known throughout the industry for continuing to thrive throughout the global recession, still posting market leading profit numbers from 2008 onwards.
BNP Paribas are known as “the bank for the changing world”. This is in testament to their vast contribution to social, environmental and economic good causes across the world.

BNP Paribas Locations

BNP Paribas’ main headquarters is situated in Paris, France.

In the United Kingdom, BNP Paribas has offices in London, which serve as the business’ second global headquarters after Paris.

BNP Paribas Future Salaries

Although BNP Paribas’ salaries are, in some cases, not as lucrative as their competitors, there are opportunities for progression throughout the business from an early stage in your career.

For candidates who may be put off by the financials, it can be worth noting that BNP Paribas have a lot of focus in house on their employees’ work/life balance.

Example salaries upon progression within BNP Paribas are:

- Associate – Debt Capital Markets £48,000 - £52,000
- Risk Manager £48,000 - £52,000
- Change Manager £58,000 - £62,000