BMW Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

BMW Graduate Scheme Key Information


Ellesfield Avenue, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8TA




Over 100,000 employees, turnover of €60.48 billion in 2011.

Grad Salary

From £22,000 - £24,000.

Pros and Cons


Helpful and friendly teams of people.

Global networking and relocation opportunities.

Company promotes healthy work/life balance.


Very hierarchical, can be difficult to progress.

BMW Graduate Scheme Overview

There is a wide variety of opportunities with BMW, although the most lucrative of these is within the engineering arm of their business.  Most graduate opportunities at BMW incorporate a 15-month scheme, during which candidates will spend time across various areas of the business, as well as taking in two international secondments.

Candidates are preferred to be proficient in at least one additional language, with fluent German being advantageous, allowing candidates to make the most of opportunities at the organisations global Munich headquarters.

BMW requires candidates to have a degree in a scientific, maths, or engineering related subject in order to apply for a placement.

BMW Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Know why BMW. There are a high number of top performing vehicle manufacturers in Europe, make sure you communicate your positive reasons for applying to BMW.

Have in depth technical knowledge. BMW will strongly test your knowledge of various aspects of engineering, both to see if you are a good match for the firm as well as where you will be able to maximise your strengths.

BMW Overview

BMW operate from seven sites in the United Kingdom, where they employ around 8,000 staff. The UK is BMW’s third largest market in terms of sales, as well as being the only country where the organisations three key brands – BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce Cars, are represented. Their production plant in Oxford is the only place on the planet that Mini’s are now built.

BMW takes corporate and social responsibility extremely seriously. In the UK alone, BMW have significantly reduced carbon emissions from their production plants. In the last ten years, the company have also funded numerous initiatives, such as foreign language learning for children and building regeneration.

BMW Locations

As well as their headquarters in Bracknell, BMW have sites throughout the UK, notably in Swindon and Oxford. They also have an office in Dublin, Ireland.

The global headquarters of BMW is in Munich, Germany.

BMW Future Salaries

Progression through BMW can be difficult due to the bureaucratic nature of the business. Learning and becoming fluent in German can be a huge advantage to those looking to reach senior level roles within BMW.

Example salaries at BMW include;

Diagnostic Technician £30,000 - £36,000

Production Manager £43,000 - £47,000

Project Manager £50,000 - £60,000