Bain & Company Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Bain & Company Graduate Scheme Key Information


83 Piccadilly, London. W1J 8JA




Over 5,500 employees worldwide, working out of 47 offices in 30 countries. Bain & Company are very private with regards to financial performance, however they had an estimated turnover of USD $2.2 billion in 2007.

Grad Salary

From £33,000 - £37,000.

Pros and Cons


Excellent training and on-going mentoring.

Supportive and friendly working environment.

Pay and benefits packages are exceptional.


Long hours can impact on work/life balance, although this is focussed Monday – Friday and doesn’t typically involve weekend working.

Bain & Company Graduate Scheme Overview

Although they focus heavily on the top performing colleges and universities from around the world, Bain & Company encourage applications from a variety of academic and social backgrounds, frequently hosting recruitment events in London and indeed across Europe.

Bear in mind that Bain & Company receive, on average, 100 applicants for each position, so you need to be on your game at all stages of the recruitment process.

Bain & Company encourage all successful applicants to their graduate scheme to work as general consultants.  The business looks to involve its employees and particularly its graduate intake in a variety of projects across differing fields early on in their careers.

There is a strong training and development culture at Bain & Company, with consultants having the opportunity to travel around the world for various training courses and seminars.

Bain & Company Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Be practical and logical. During the case study stages of the recruitment process, Bain & Company will present real-life situations rather than fictional, staged scenarios for you to work with. The recruitment team are looking for a solution focused approach rather than one laced with academic brilliance.

If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask. Too many people try to “wing it” and end up falling flat on their faces during various stages of the interview. Bain & Company are looking for your dynamism and ability to think quickly and solve problems, not to know every piece of jargon related to the business world.

Bain & Company Overview

Bain & Company are widely considered to be one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world. For the past nine consecutive years, Bain & Company have been voted “Best Firm To Work For” by Consulting magazine.

Bain & Company work towards goals which sees them deliver “results, not reports” and are passionate about not only assisting high performing businesses in their decision making processes, but in helping turn those decisions into productive actions.

Bain & Company look to engage their clients’ business at all levels so they can focus on delivering the most practical, sustainable long term result for the organisation as a whole.

Bain & Company Locations

Bain & Company’s main headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

The organisations sole United Kingdom office is based in London, with a further 46 offices situated in 30 countries around the world.

Bain & Company Future Salaries

Bain & Company are a very private organisation when it comes to public knowledge of career progression and salaries.

They do however offer excellent salary and benefits packages, as well as the opportunity for worldwide travel.

Example salary brackets for Bain & Company;

- Associate Consultant £34,000 - £36,000
- Senior Associate Consultant £43,000 - £57,000
- Consultant £70,000 - £75,000
- Manager £87,000 - £94,000