Accenture Graduate Scheme in the UK - Interview Tips and How To Get Hired

Accenture Graduate Scheme Key Information


1 Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London. EC3M 3BD




244,000 employees across 120 countries. Turnover of USD $25.5 billion for 2011.

Grad Salary

From £30,000 - £33,000

Pros and Cons


Lots of training provided, some which involves travelling to Chicago.

Interesting and varying work projects, strong culture of recognising and rewarding success.

Generous holiday and time off policies.


“Up or out” promotion policy, meaning life can be difficult for those intent on finding a comfortable level and staying there.

Accenture Graduate Scheme Overview

Accenture offer places on their graduate schemes to undergraduates and graduates, as well as offering a number of placements and internships on an annual basis.

The Accenture recruitment process is tough and will call on you to demonstrate a wide breadth of skills honed in both academic and employment institutions.  Each recruitment process is tweaked slightly depending on the consulting path you have chosen, with some comprising of up to three or four individual interviews.

Accenture’s initial formal training period lasts a mere two weeks.  It does however take two to three years of working with more experienced, higher level consultants to attain “qualified” status and begin to progress upward, both in terms of position and salary.

Accenture Graduate Scheme Interview Tips

Don’t be put off by the manner of the interviewers. Accenture are well known for a direct, to the point approach which has in the past caught candidates off guard. Don’t allow this to unsettle you, it’s just the Accenture team following their structured route to finding the best applicants for their business.

Test yourself beforehand with a book or an online course related to critical thinking. Although likely a strength if you’re considering a consultancy career, Accenture will test your skills and sharpness to the maximum, so make sure you’re ready!

Accenture Overview

Accenture are the world’s largest consulting firm and consistently rank highly in The Times’ Top 100 companies for graduate schemes. Through conducting detailed research on the world’s leading companies, combining unrivalled expertise and industry experience, Accenture work with their broad client portfolio to help them achieve high performing business status.

Such is the global reputation of Accenture that they also offer consultancy at high levels outside of business, such as within government departments.

Accenture work to a business strategy dedicated to “high performance business” which enables them to deliver consistently excellent results to their clients around the world.

Accenture Locations

Accenture have their main headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with their main United Kingdom office based in London.

Accenture have operations across the world, including a vast United States’ presence, part of their overall group which consists of offices in over 120 countries across the world.

Accenture Future Salaries

Success is recognised and rewarded at Accenture, so the highest quality candidates coming through their graduate schemes can expect to progress up the career ladder quickly.

Examples of Accenture salary brackets;

- Business Analyst £30,000 - £41,000
- Management Consultant £30,000 - £53,000
- Consultant £40,000 - £58,000
- Associate Manager £45,000 - £60,000